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Now handling a few select lures of Paul Dobbins
All Dobbins lures priced the same. All 4 oz lures - $15.00 each - All 1 oz lures $4.50 each - Shipping is extra on all lures.

Back Breaker Beaver Lure
This is a heavy castor-based beaver lure. It's great for all times of the year, but works best during the late full thru spring. This lure is a staple for many pros.
Wood Chipper
This is a food-type beaver lure. It is a favorite for the summer ADC jobs when the beaver are extremely finnicky. Also a great all-season lure used at food-type sets
Beaver Plus
This is a curiosity-type beaver lure. It works all year and it brings in otter and raccoon too. This lure will increase your catch.
Muskrat Lure #1
This muskrat lure has the ingredients that muskrats crave. It works well at all lured sets. Has proven itself all over the United States.

Canine Select
This curiosity paste canine lure drives them nuts. Works great on fox, coyote, cats and coon. Doesn't get 'em rolling.
G.L. - 40
This is a red fox gland lure that has added ingredients to make it attractive all year long. It is attractive to Fox, Coyote, Bobcats and Raccoons

A complex lure that presents a potpouri of differing smells for the discriminating K9.
This is a Bobcat Gland lure formulated to take advantage of the cat's curiosity, hunger and passion.

This very sweet lure is too attractive for raccoons to pass up. It works very well around areas where pets roam free. Also a great ADC lure for summertime use.


This is a canine bait made from coarsely ground bobcat meat. The meat then was allowed to taint slightly, then soaked in Dobbins' famous Bait Solution. This bait is effective on all canines

$10.00 / pint