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This holder was designed because I had a need for it and could not find one that suited that need. After several successful failures I finally hit on what I feel is one of the most versatile trap holders available today. It's designed to be used at the concrete box style culverts and bridges. Rocky or concrete ledges, barn or attic beams, log crossings, frozen ground, muddy creek banks, or just plain old dry trails! Will accept 110 and 160 size body grip traps. It's use is only limited by your imagination!

Designed and built tough, to take the abuse we trappers will give it. With a bit of care it should last a lifetime!

Price: $2.00 singles18.00 / doz. (Shipping extra)

Also available in a size for the 330 body grip trap - 4.50 each (shipping extra)





The   "SPIDER"

Is available at

N&P Stabilizers (Neal Graves)

East Peoria, Illinois 61611