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Ron Marsh's - "Retrievable Cable Stakes"

Mr. Ron Marsh, Oil city, PA, designed and developed this "Retrievable" cable anchoring system.  Have you tried other cable staking systems?  The "Disposable" type?  Why leave them in the field when you don't have to!

Price:  15.00 / doz for cable stakes - Drivers are 10.00 (Shipping extra)


I must admit that I never had much use for a cable anchor, I guess I just did not like the idea of leaving them behind or having to dig them out.  Two years ago I watched Ron demo his product and I was impressed with it!  So much so I purchased two dozen of them.  I tested them the following season and had great success with them.  The following year I ordered up several more dozen.  They hold well in all soil types and with a slight pull of the retrievable side of the cable they come out without having to pull your back out of place!  Much lighter than rebar stakes. You can pack a bunch into an area without the weight of regular steel stakes.  18 inches of cable gets you down deep for a really good hold.


Bob Custer, Summerhill PA, came up with this tool.  It's an item that every trapper needs to have in his work shop.  This tool allows you to make up your own S-hooks, J-hooks, and swivel rivets.  You can easily bend #9 wire or 30 penny spikes to use for s-hooks, j-hooks, or rivets.  If you have wire that you need to form a bend in this is the tool for the job!

B-2's Bender -25.00 each (shipping extra)